June in Pictures

Oh hey first half of 2015 – where’d you go?! June was a good month – I went to Dublin to visit friends, booked a holiday to Zadar for August with my girls, and signed a contract for a new house which I will be moving into with my housemates in August! It was the month my little brother returned safe and sound from his 4-month travelling adventure in South East Asia and New Zealand, and the month I made a significant step forward in one of the relationships in my life…although we’re not going to go into that.

I also saw the fabulous Rise & Fall of Little Voice at the Playhouse, tried and failed again to like whiskey at the Jameson’s Distillery, and of course had lots of delicious food in this grand old city of Leeds. Let’s see where my camera went…

Thai Edge at Leeds Food & Drink Festival Maven gin garden at Leeds Food & Drink FestivalGlendalough, Dublin Cemetery at Glendalough, IrelandCocktails at Black Market, DublinKayaking, DublinDublin Whiskey tasting at Jameson's Distillery Cocktail at Jameson's DistillerySteak at RarePizza at Ecco, HeadingleyGelato at Ecco, Headingley

That was my month! What went on for you in June?

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