Battle of the Burger at Canal Mills

On Saturday I trekked out to Canal Mills to take part in the meaty deliciousness that was Battle of the Burger! Over Friday and Saturday, six burger joints came together to fight it out for supreme burger champs, and they definitely brought their A game. Luckily the vendors were working to a £3 price point and producing mini burgers, so between us the boy and I managed to try five out of the six (yes, I was the wimp who threw the towel in after two). So who came out on top?

Battle of the Burger - Black Swan

The winner was announced earlier today, and it was Geordie visitor The Fat Hippo who came out on top after winning round 2 of the Newcastle leg back in July. I picked this as my second burger and I can attest that they fully deserved the title – the meat was tender, their signature Fat Hippo sauce is delicious, and it included a slice of chorizo which is always a winner in my book. Plus it came in a proper burger box with their cute little logo stamped on the inside of the lid!

Battle of the Burger Leeds - Fat Hippo

HOWEVER. My personal preference was for my first burger, courtesy of Sela Bar’s BoozyQ. Their offering was christened All The Beerburger and they weren’t kidding; somewhere along the line they managed to include Camden Pale, Beavertown Black Betty and two different kinds of stout. I’m not a beer fan at all, but like any reasonable person I was seduced by the promise of caramelised onions and candied bacon, and I wasn’t disappointed. What really sealed the deal for me was the brioche bun – it was so light and fluffy but kept the burger together really well, avoiding the the sorry, soggy end suffered by more mediocre buns.

Battle of the Burger - Black Swan sign

Admittedly I’d had an early start so I was pretty hangry by the time I arrived around 5pm, which could have swayed my judgement, but BoozyQ was my winner. Unfortunately my attack of the hangries also meant I’d devoured most of the burger before it even occurred to me to get a photo. Big sadface, but here’s a picture of The Old Yorkshire Pit’s offering instead!

Battle of the Burger - The Yorkshire Pit

Were you at Battle of the Burger? Who was your winner?

3 thoughts on “Battle of the Burger at Canal Mills

    • Bee it was so good!!! All very worthy competitors – it was so hard to pick a favourite and I was actually gutted that I was full after two. Usually I have so much more stamina for burgers…


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