Crazy Colours at Las Dalias Hippy Market

Last time on the blog, I was talking about the awesome perks of working for a travel website, the big one being that I occasionally get to go on little jaunts abroad to spec out destinations, take photos and get new ideas for content. Last week I was in Ibiza and Majorca – two islands that I would never necessarily visit by choice, but that I found held their own charms even for me.

San Antonio, Ibiza

Sunsets, beaches and lovely island scenery are basically the standard in the Balearic Islands, but one of Ibiza’s must-visit events is the Las Dalias Hippy Market, held every Saturday in San Carlos. Independent jewellers, artists and designers gather here to sell their beautiful and quirky creations, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for the size of quality of this beautiful market. The thing I came away with most of was photos; the colours of the stalls and the imagination involved were just incredible.

Jewellery, Las Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaBags, Las Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaLas Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaShoes, Las Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaLas Dalias Hippy Market, Ibiza

There were so many things to choose from, and I made 3 purchases only after browsing the entire market and agonising over what items to pick. In the end I chose a gold plated ring decorated with gemstones, a canvas print of a hippy girl playing guitar, and a beautiful stained glass bottle. I’m a sucker for pointless pretty things…

Rings, Las Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaLas Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaJewellery, Las Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaRings, Las Dalias Hippy Market, IbizaBracelets, Las Dalias Hippy Market, Ibiza

Have you visited Ibiza’s hippy markets? What goodies did you find?

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