Leeds Diary Dates: November 2015

It’s that time again – I’m taking a look at what’s on in Leeds in November. This week’s a manically busy one for me and I actually realised the other day that I’m only in Leeds for one weekend out of four this month. You might have to party without me – I’m gonna miss a whole lot…

2nd: The Dunwells at The Belgrave

I first hear The Dunwells a few months ago when they did an acoustic version of ‘Hey Now’ for Ont Sofa, those awesome guys who film local acts performing in Leeds pubs and venues and post them on Youtube. I’ve kept an eye on them since then, and on the 2nd they’re at the Belgrave, with (I believe) only Jumbo Records still stocking tickets. I just need to find a gig buddy – any takers?

5th: Bonfire Night

Obviously. And yes I know this happens everywhere, but I particularly love my Bonfire Night in Leeds. For a start it’s free – I was shocked and horrified when I went to university in Leicester and found out that you had to pay to attend a public bonfire. Crazy stuff. Roundhay Park is generally agreed to be the best display but I’m a fan of Woodhouse Moor – less crowds and a lovely atmosphere.

5th-19th: Leeds International Film Festival

Ooooh this is an exciting one. 14 day and 18 venues celebrating the best of old and new film. At £95 a ticket for the whole festival it isn’t cheap, but you can buy individual event tickets for £8, or get a 6 for 5 discount card! There are also a number of free events – my top tip would be the 30th anniversary morning screening of The Breakfast Club.

6th-7th: Brewers Market

Calling all beer lovers – this looks like it could be your heaven. Unfortunately I am not one of you, but even I’ve heard of most of the names appearing on the line-up so it’s fair to say they’re some pretty major players in the craft beer game. Throw into this mix some wine and gin pop-ups and food from Pizza Fella and Grub & Grog, and I’m fairly disappointed I’m halfway across the country this weekend…

7th: Leeds Vintage Kilo Sale

Every time the Vintage Kilo Sale comes to Leeds, Trinity feels a little emptier, because all the best shoppers are here instead. Entry costs £1.50 but you make up the price once you’re inside; it’s bulk-buy shopping at its best, with purchases priced by weight at £15 per kilo. There’s a lot of stuff to sift through so you have to be willing to search, but there are so many treasures to be found.

13th: Christkindelmarkt Opens

If you’ve lived in Leeds a while you’ll know that the Christmas German Market features the same stalls every year, and unfortunately also seems to feature the same rowdy dickheads thinking they’re cultured because they’re getting hammered on mulled wine instead of pints of Carling. Regardless, the fried potatoes in garlic sauce are heaven and Christmas hasn’t started until I’ve had a plateful.

27th: Brandon Street Night Market

Food, alcohol , music and a great party, all under one roof – what’s not to love? The (almost) monthly Brandon Street Night Market has become a staple of the Leeds foodie scene. After an OCtober hiatus, the Market is back in November with appearances planned from Dim Sum Sue, Caribbean Cafe, Shoot the Bull, and many more.

What events are you heading to in Leeds in November? Let me know so I can add them to my calendar!

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