Leeds Diary Dates: December 2015

As if we didn’t have enough on our plates with present shopping, office parties and family gatherings, Leeds has got some amazing happenings going on this month to keep us busy until Christmas! Take a look at my stand-outs for December…

5th: Leeds Loves Xmas Cocktails

This event looks like so much fun; after the huge success of Leeds Love Cocktails, we’re getting a festive follow-up with a celebration marking the end of prohibition. In true prohibition style the location is being kept secret for the time being, and guests are required to get out their finest Gatsby suits and flapper dresses for the occasion.

5th: Django Django at Leeds University

Everyone loves a bit of live music in Leeds! I saw Django Django live a few months ago at End of the Road Festival and they were amazing – they have such good energy and their songs have such good beats. I’m still on the fence about whether to splash out on tickets to see them again so soon, but those who are going are in for a treat. Leeds Loves Xmas Cocktails has competition…

6th: Etsy Made Local

Etsy are hitting the physical world! On Sunday 6th Leeds City Museum is going to be filled with local creatives selling all their amazing crafts, designs, jewellery and anything else you can think of. You’re sure to find some gorgeous gifts that are totally unique, and you can support some local one-man(or woman) businesses at the same time. Winner.

9th: Brewdog vs Gin: A Night of Indulgence

Brewdog are teaming up with Lazy Lounge to put on a night of beer and gin tasting! Each beer is being matched with a different gin – I can’t imagine how it’s going to work but I thought the same about beer and ice cream and Leeds Indie Food’s Beer and Ice Cream Party at Black Swan proved me completely wrong. Let’s give it a whirl…

12th-13th: Belgrave Xmas Feast

The Belgrave is hosting their monthly food and drink event with a festive twist this month – the standard line-up of fantastic food and drink vendors is being accompanied by German beers, mulled wine and cider, and christmas films. Plus on Saturday night there’s going to be a gig by Blacklisters with DJ sets from Pulled Apart By Horses, Hookworms and Menace Beach.

18th-24th: It’s A Wonderful Life at Hyde Park Picture House

Everyone has their own pre-Christmas rituals; one of mine is that it’s just not Christmas until I’ve watched It’s A Wonderful Life. Screw chirpy songs and happy elves – I want financial ruin and thoughts of suicide in my Christmas films. Hyde Park Picture House has bucket loads of charm, and it’s the perfect place to snuggle up and start nurturing that warm festive glow in your stomach. For maximum effect, go on Christmas Eve.

What are you going to this month? Might see you there!


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