Fighting the Holiday Blues

If you happen to have been stalking me on Twitter or Instagram over the past couple of weeks, you’ll now that I’ve been on an amazing 2-week adventure around Guatemala and Belize, and that I’m now back in dreary old England. Of course a holiday just isn’t complete without the holiday blues, and even though work has been ok and the weather is definitely less chilly than when I left, I’m struggling. Part recovering from a 22-hour journey back to Leeds, part struggling to come to terms with the fact that the trip is over, part resenting my alarm clock…you get the picture. For me, the key to getting through holiday blues is focusing on the good parts about being at home, so here are a few of the things that have been helping me readjust to normal life.

Me climbing Pacaya volcano, Guatemala

Appreciating my bed

However good your hotel is, there’s just nothing quite like your own bed is there? I stayed in some lovely places while I was away , but the mattresses felt unfamiliar, there were two other people in the room with me, and in the hot weather I missed the comforting weight of a duvet on me – all factors that contributed to irregular, broken sleep patterns. Coming home to my own mattress, bedding and pillows and having 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep made me feel a little less rubbish about my holiday being over.

Eating all the comfort food

Trying local food is one of my favourite parts of visiting a new place. I have zero allergies and a stomach of steel so I always feel comfortable stuffing my face with whatever’s on offer, safe in the knowledge there’s very little chance of it making me ill. But however delicious the food is, there’s always the odd hungover morning or hopeless moment in the airport when you crave something from home. My biggest craving, somewhere over the Atlantic between Chicago and Heathrow, was for a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) bagel from Love Rouge, and I plan on satisfying that craving at a breakfast date this weekend.

BLAT bagel at Love Rouge, Headingley

Organising holiday photos

I pack so much into holidays, sometimes by the end of it the first few days feel like an age ago and I struggle to immediately remember the details of each day. Going through my photos reminds me of all the little things that had slipped my mind over the course of the holiday, and makes me feel like I’m reliving the experiences all over again. This year I’m making a real effort to print off holiday photos and put them in albums or scrapbooks – it makes them feel much more special than a laptop slideshow!

Booking the next trip

A few weeks ago I talked about the three-month itch, and how I have to take a break from work every 3 months fr the sake of my sanity. This is kind of linked to that I suppose – when I come home from a holiday I miss the anticipation and excitement of liking forward to the next trip. Because of this, I like to organise my next holiday almost as soon as I return from the last one, so I’m never without an adventure to look forward to. I’m hoping to book my June flights to Slovenia within the next few weeks, so I can start fantasising about Lake Bled in the sun…

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Source: James Southorn on Flickr.

Is anyone else suffering from holiday blues right now? What do you find helps you get back into your daily routine?

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