Review: Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen at The Hedonist Project

This is just going to be a short appreciation post about my new favourite haunt – The Hedonist Project’s latest incarnation, Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen. I love their idea of a ‘permanent pop-up’; a bar that always exists in the same place but can look completely different from one visit to the next, but their winter venture, a Whisky Parlour, was unavailable to me due to me really, really hating whisky. Gin, on the other hand, is my drink of choice, and I’m already hooked on Old Tom’s.

The decor is lovely – they’ve really embraced the spring season with fresh, light colours, flowery table decorations and a black and white tiled bar. Combine this with good mood lighting and some candles, and it transforms effortlessly from a day drinking bar into an intimate nightspot.

Drinks at Old Tom's Gin Kitchen, Hedonist Project, Leeds

Although there are a few wines on offer, the menu is basically split into two sections – gin & tonics and gin cocktails. I love that each G&T uses a different gin, many of which I’d never even heard of, and they don’t skimp on the good tonic water – Fever Tree is everywhere and thank the stars, there’s no Schweppes in sight. The G&T garnished with apple and maraschino cherries is a particular stand-out, and not a flavour combination I would ever have considered myself!

Gin and tonic at Old Tom's Gin Kitchen, Leeds

The cocktail menu is equally impressive, and I suspect I’m going to make my way through every drink before Old Tom’s is no more. Beware of the lime and lemongrass gimlet – it’s a beautiful drink in both looks and taste but it’s about twice as strong as most of the other menu items and will have you on the floor if you’re not careful. The trick is to sip slowly and chase it with the long passionfruit and lychee mix that basically tastes like fruit, or the roasted rhubarb bramble that’s served with a very cute spoonful of jam. As you can see I’m making progress through the menu; next I think I have my eye on a Vera Lyne…

Have you been to Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen yet? What’s your favourite drink?

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