Leeds Diary Dates: September 2016

If September is here, does that mean summer is over and we’re into autumn? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling vaguely terrified at how fast this year seems to be zooming by – the weeks seem to be eating themselves up but I guess that means I’m busy and happy which are always good things! I wrote a post recently about how content I’m feeling with my life in Leeds, and I think it’s the constant happenings in this city that make the months roll by. So let’s see what’s on this month…

3rd-4th: Leeds Den Building Festival

Anyone feel like reliving their childhood for a day? This is the third year that The Tetley has held its den building festival, and though it’s probably aimed at kids there’s no rule that says adults can’t get involved too! This is a great chance for you and some mates to stretch your creative muscles and remember just how much fun you can have with a few boxes, some tape and a pack of pens. At just £2.50 a person or £7.50 for a group of four with all materials provided, so this could be the cheapest fun you have all month. And if you build the best den, you could even get a £50 prize out of it!

8th-11th: Leeds International Beer Festival

This month beer lovers can look forward to a 4-day festival of craft beer, street food and live music. The line-up includes Leeds familiars like North Brewing Co, Brewdog, Northern Monk and Kirkstall Brewery alongside other UK and international brewers, and Leeds legends Bundobust, Friends of Ham and Boss Burgers are supplying the food. The cellar is hosting beer and food pairings, and there’s also a silent disco on the cards. A full festival pass is £60, or you can buy tickets to individual sessions from £6-8.50.

22nd: Leeds Soup

Leeds Soup is an absolutely fantastic idea, and I’m excited to go to my first event and see what it’s all about. The idea is that everyone pays £10 for a ticket to create a pot of money, four groups of people pitch their idea for a project or business idea they want to start, and then the attendees vote on which group should get the pot of money. The only rule is that the idea has to benefit the local Leeds community in some way, which is a great way to give local entrepreneurs and creatives the means to thrive and put their talent back into Leeds, rather than feeling forced to move to London.

29th: Ocean Film Festival World Tour

Earlier this year I went to the Adventure Film Festival tour that came to Leeds and left feeling so exhilarated and motivated, so I can’t wait to see what ocean adventures await in this one. According to the itinerary we’ve got kayakers in Alaska, a Gold Coast surfer tackling one of the world’s most dangerous waves, a humpback whale short documentary and a pair of divers who spend their lives capturing marine life footage for IMAX films.

What are you up to in September? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Leeds Diary Dates: September 2016

    • I know! I really want to go to Leeds Soup this month – I’ve never been and it sounds so interesting and such a good way to get new projects and businesses started in Leeds!
      ~ Kate xx


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