5 Leeds Instagrammers You Need To Know

Ever since I started travelling I’ve loved to take photos, and the rise of Twitter and Instagram have done nothing to curb my addiction. Nowadays I spend most of my life in the same city, but luckily Leeds is incredibly photogenic and I’m never short of beautiful things to capture. Of course I’m one of the amateurs, and I love to stalk the feeds (just their feeds, before you call the police) of photographers around Leeds who really capture the feel of the city. Here are five of my favourite Leeds Instagram accounts you should be following.


Martin is one of my favourite photographers on Instagram; his feed is a lot more varied in theme than some but he always captures really eye catching shots. He focuses mainly on Leeds’ bold architecture and cool lighting, but has recently turned his attention to street photography and experimenting with candid shots of Leeds’ inhabitants.

Leeds Instagrammers - Martin Leodis


If I had to choose one word to describe Ewa’s Instagram, it would be ‘atmospheric’. She posts almost exclusively in black and white with bold contrast, but she’s also incredible at using light and shadows to create effect and she has a great eye for composition. Her photos never fail to stop me scrolling.

Leeds Instagrammers - KA Ewka


Nigel’s style is seriously cool – he posts amazing cityscape shots and even takes us along on the odd urban exploring adventure. I love the prevalence of symmetry and geometric shapes in his photography, and his crystal ball experimentations remain some of my favourite shots on all on Instagram. No exaggeration.

Leeds Instagrammers - Uneven Edits


Andy’s feed is so fantastically bleak, and I love it. Most of his photos are black and white or heavily muted palettes, and he basically has a huge talent for making Leeds city centre look like a haunted town. Andy often plays around with splashes of bright colours or posts colour version of his photos for comparison; his editing skills are second to none.

Leeds Instagrammers - Andy Davenport


I know this isn’t a person exactly, but I really love the University of Leeds Instagram account. Their photos are so bold and colourful, and though a lot of them are hugely over-edited that doesn’t bother me as long as it’s done well. Plus, Leeds Uni has beautiful buildings and as a Loiner who went away to study I like getting a sneak peak at the campus.

Leeds Instagrammers - University of Leeds

Who are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for photos of your city? Shout me with any Leeds recommendations!

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