Leeds Diary Dates: April 2017

Spring is finally here, and even though we lost an hour of sleep I’m so glad to finally see the daylight sticking around until after 7pm. I’ve been looking forward to April for a long time, because on the 9th I’m jetting off to Cuba for 2 weeks! Cuba has been on my bucket list for a few years now, and I can’t wait to put my out of office on, grab my backpack and enjoy a couple of weeks exploring with one of my best friends.

Of course this means I’m not going to be in Leeds a lot, but luckily for me a lot of the best upcoming stuff isn’t happening until the end of the month. Take a look at my event picks for April.

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Leeds Diary Dates: April 2016

So the clocks have gone forward – does that mean it’s officially spring now? I’m tempted to think yes; when I came back from my 2-week holiday last Sunday it was distinctly less freezing cold than when I left, and even when I was stood waiting for a taxi at 4am this morning I had a little smile to myself when I realised I was barely shivering. I’m calling that a win and packing away my bobble hats!

Life has felt busy since I got back from my holiday. I’ve spent most of my evenings catching up with friends or catching up with projects, and my diary’s looking pretty full for the next few weeks. That’s due in part to the cool stuff that’s happening around Leeds this month – let’s talk about the best bits. Fair warning: a lot of them are alcohol-related… Continue reading


April in Pictures

So it looks like our early summer is over! I’m currently sitting in my pyjamas with a cup of tea, drying off after getting caught in today’s surprise downpour and trying to come to terms with the fact that Leeds might not in fact be looking at its longest and most glorious summer in history.

I’m a creature made for summer, and despite being shut in an office 5 days a week I’ve spent April mainly basking in the sun, eating ice cream and of course enjoying my favourite Leeds haunts. I’ve also started walking to work from my house in Headingley, which is a great way to start the day; I catch some lovely sun-drenched views of Leeds and I’ve noticed that I get to the office feeling so much more energised and awake than usual. Definitely an activity I intend to continue over summer.

So that’s my update for the month; on Wednesday morning I’m flying to the Costa Brava for the TBEX travel conference where I’m representing my company. It’s my first work trip outside the UK and I’m both nervous and excited! As my April at home is almost over, here’s a bit of what this month in Leeds has looked like for me…

Dinner at Harvey Nichols Restaurant Victoria Square Leeds Art GalleryDim Sum SuDSC_0338Northern Bloc ice cream Spring daffodils Justin Slee Avant Lunch at Humpit Leeds

Almost Famous burgerMillenium Square Leeds