Leeds Diary Dates: October 2016

So, summer is properly over now, right? This week I’ve actually not been feeling so sad about that – it’s like I’ve turned a corner overnight and now I’m really ready to break out my autumn/winter wardrobe. My cord dresses and woolly jumpers are staring to look so appealing, and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to get my bobble hats out.

October is also going to be made better by the trip to Porto I have planned at the end of the month – I’m looking forward to spending a long weekend exploring the streets, tasting port and rolling home at 3am with my favourite travel buddy. Meanwhile there’s a ton of stuff on in Leeds I’m wanting to catch – have you got these events in your diary yet? Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: September 2016

If September is here, does that mean summer is over and we’re into autumn? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling vaguely terrified at how fast this year seems to be zooming by – the weeks seem to be eating themselves up but I guess that means I’m busy and happy which are always good things! I wrote a post recently about how content I’m feeling with my life in Leeds, and I think it’s the constant happenings in this city that make the months roll by. So let’s see what’s on this month… Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: August 2016

Just like June, this month has shot by. I’m not sure why as it’s been a fairly quiet one – after going on holiday, moving house and taking on a more expensive rent that my previous one I was trying to have a no-spend month. I did fairly well; I’ve still been going out for the odd drink and meal here and there, and I bought Emma Gannon’s book Ctrl Alt Delete which gave me all the life motivation, but I’m hoping to be able to give my savings account a good boost with the cash I’ve saved this month.

I’m hoping to continue my thrifty ways for as long as possible in August, but I think the days are numbered as I’m attending a friend’s wedding in Ireland near the end of the month, which I’m pairing with a week-long road trip around some of the country’s best sights. I’m also in desperate need of a trip to the hairdressers, and am getting distracted by some of the lovely events that are planned in Leeds this month… Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: July 2016

June has been a good month. It’s whizzed by in a flash, but that’s how time always goes when you’re having fun isn’t it? It started with gorgeous sunshine and me finding my new flat, in the middle I took a week-long trip to Slovenia and Venice, and it’s finished with me moving into aforementioned flat and enjoying a beautiful meal at Ox Club for my boyfriend’s very belated birthday treat. I’ve said goodbye to a home I felt settled in and flatmates that I’ve lived with for over a year to move from a 5-bed in Headingley to a more adulty 2-bed in city centre, so there’s a definite sense of this being the end of an era, but sometimes change is exactly what you need to give life a little shake up.

Of course this kind of fun comes at a price, so I’ll be counting the pennies in July to make up for an extravagant June. Hopefully I can still have fun on a budget in Leeds this month – let’s see shall we? Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: June 2016

Sooooo, it seems that the middle of the year arrived while I wasn’t looking – how did that happen?! I would almost feel sad about it, except June means that the days are longer, the evenings warmer, and summer can’t be far away (fingers tightly crossed on that last one). I’m also comforted by the fact that June is going to be a hugely exciting month – I’m going to Slovenia on my first holiday alone, finishing it off with a weekend in Venice, one of my favourite cities, and I’ll be moving house at the end of the month, although where I will be moving to is yet to be confirmed. All this busy-ness does mean I’ll probably have to miss a lot of the exciting happenings in Leeds this month, but here’s what the rest of you might be getting up to… Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: May 2016

I can’t believe we’re talking about May already – April’s been a pretty good month and it’s flown by! I’ve spent a weekend at Traverse travel conference in Cardiff, helped host a blogger event for my company, enjoyed plenty of lovely drinks at Cocktails in the City, and booked my first solo holiday which is making me both excited and nervous at the same time. May is set to fly by just as fast – not only is there Leeds Indie Food to fill a whole 2 weeks of my life, I’m also trying out a free cruise near the end of the month which, while not the holiday I’d choose, should be an awesome weekend. Let’s take a look at all the other fun you could be having in Leeds this May… Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: April 2016

So the clocks have gone forward – does that mean it’s officially spring now? I’m tempted to think yes; when I came back from my 2-week holiday last Sunday it was distinctly less freezing cold than when I left, and even when I was stood waiting for a taxi at 4am this morning I had a little smile to myself when I realised I was barely shivering. I’m calling that a win and packing away my bobble hats!

Life has felt busy since I got back from my holiday. I’ve spent most of my evenings catching up with friends or catching up with projects, and my diary’s looking pretty full for the next few weeks. That’s due in part to the cool stuff that’s happening around Leeds this month – let’s talk about the best bits. Fair warning: a lot of them are alcohol-related… Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: March 2016

Here we are again with my event wishlist for March! It barely seems 2 minutes since my February rundown, but I admit I’ve had a slow and slightly absent month in terms of blogging. I’ve had a lot on this month, and between feeling rundown/overwhelmed and struggling to find inspiration or motivation for writing it felt like the right decision to stop beating myself up for missing self-imposed deadlines and take a bit of a break.

Luckily March is set to be much more rosy. I feel like my writing mojo is returning, I’ve got a 2-week adventure in Guatemala and Belize approaching that will be filling my Twitter and Instagram feed for the whole fortnight and probably quite some time after I come home, and when I am in Leeds there’s some really exciting stuff on to keep me busy. Let’s take a look at what I’m looking forward to! Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: February 2016

Oh hey February! January’s not been a bad month – I finally feel back in the work routine after my Christmas break, and my birthday on the 14th really helped to brighten my January blues! A day when you get not one, but two birthday cakes is always a good day. I like to make plenty of plans for my birthday and this year was no different; I went to my parents’ house on the day for presents but we also had a family meal out at Ambiente tapas bar the following weekend, and tomorrow the boy’s taking me to Shears Yard so we can take advantage of their 50% off food January offer. I can feel the food baby already…

Anyway, enough of my ramblings – let’s take a look at what cool things are going on in Leeds in February! Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: January 2016

January – the month of sales, winter blues, and empty wallets. It’s also the month of my birthday, and yet even I struggle to like this horrible month; everyone’s still feeling slightly bloated, hungover and lethargic from Christmas, the weather is terrible, and we’re all struggling to come to terms with the fact that mulled wine is off the menu for another 11 months. But come to terms with it we must, so here are the things that will be keeping me busy through the dreary month of January. Continue reading