The Pros and Cons of Living in Headingley

I have a big decision coming up. My current housing contract is about 6 months gone, which means in another 6 months, I’ll have to once again pack up my things and move on. The last two times I’ve house hunted it’s been an easy thing – I knew I wanted to live in Headingley, and made my search based on that certainty. But this time I’m conflicted. All my housemates and I are going our own ways, which means I can live wherever I want, and as I find myself travelling in and out of city centre to go to work, see my boyfriend, have nights out with friends, I find myself thinking, “is this where I should be living?” Continue reading

Review: Love Rouge Bakery, Headingley

If you live in Headingley and have a weakness for cake, you’re probably familiar with Love Rouge Bakery. If you’re struggling to place the name, it’s the almost painfully adorable cafe tucked away next to Dare, with a fabulous vintage interior and a random musing about cupcakes chalked on a board outside. You’ll have walked past it a million times, and possibly drooled on their window upon catching sight of the cakes.

Cupcakes at Love Rouge Bakery, Headingley

You may not have guessed this yet but I’m a big fan of the cupcakes from Love Rouge; there are so many different flavours and they always look so beautiful! Chocolate & peanut butter is one of my favourites; I’m of the personal opinion that everything is a little bit better with a schmear of peanut butter on it. What I didn’t know is that they also do a pretty awesome breakfast menu, which was revealed to me a few weekends ago when I went for a girly catch up with a few friends.

Love Rouge Bakery, HeadingleyLove Rouge Bakery, Headingley

I put in my usual coffee order of a latte; I’ve only recently started drinking coffee and still need a lot of milk to make it taste good to me. I’m also more than a little seduced by late art and Love Rouge are fantastic at it – on this occasion I got an expertly drawn rose on top of my froth! Also note the incredibly cute cup and saucer…

Latte at Love Rouge Bakery

We gazed longingly at the cakes in the counter as we queued up to order, but all reluctantly agreed that 10am was a pretty unacceptable time to eat cupcakes. Instead I went for American-style pancakes – a short stack of thick, fluffy pancakes topped with crispy bacon and a generous drizzle of maple syrup. I’m fairly convinced they contained my recommended calorie intake for the whole day, but I have absolutely no regrets; they were delicious. I only wish they looked more appealing through my camera lens – my friend’s Eggs Benedict was a lot more photogenic…

Pancake breakfast at Love Rouge Bakery, Headingley

I love going out for breakfast and Love Rouge has definitely been added to the list of go-to options. All that’s left for me to do is drop by to test out the lunch menu, probably with a cupcake for dessert…

Review: Whites Deli, Headingley

Weekends are made for comforting hangover breakfasts and long, lazy lunches, and Whites Deli might just be becoming my favourite supplier! Just 10 minutes walk from my house, I’m lucky enough to be able to call it my local; I’ve dropped in a couple of times since moving to Headingley and been impressed both times by the atmosphere and the food.

This weekend I dropped by with my family – we originally went in just for a coffee but I grabbed some menus and it took minimal effort to persuade everyone to upgrade to a food order. Although it was way into the afternoon we couldn’t come to an agreement on what meal we wanted to eat, and as a result ended up with 2 breakfast sandwiches, a lunch dish and a snack from the nibbles menu. This along with 4 drinks came to a very reasonable £24, and both food and drink were served promptly.

Coffee Whites Deli

I’d ordered avocado and tomato on sourdough bread, and I was ecstatic with my choice! The avocado was the perfect consistency, and the tomatoes on top were firm and sweet. I also ordered a glass of the freshly squeezed orange juice which I fell in love with the first time I visited; it really is super fresh as the staff make it to order, and each sip is like biting into an orange.

Avocado on toast Whites Deli

Another of Whites’ strengths is their aesthetic; they’ve really got their look down to a tee. The whole cafe is so inviting and I love the slate that all the meals are served on. Cold drinks are served in mason jars, hot drinks are accompanied by a tiny bottle of milk, and previously when I’ve ordered tea it came loose leaf in a pretty glass teapot.

Orange juice Whites Deli

I also felt improvements had been made – although I loved the food on my first visit for breakfast, there were just two staff members attending to a full cafe and the service was slow as they were obviously overrun. I had to change my order twice as they’d run out of so many ingredients, and though the staff were doing their best you could sense things spiralling out of control.

Luckily that seems to have been rectified; there were plenty of staff, service was fast and although they had run out of a couple of things it was a big improvement on my first visit. They are now also open on evenings, hosting live music events and offering a tempting cocktail menu that I’m dying to try out. It takes something special to be successful in a town as full of cafes and bars as Headingley, but Whites may just be in with a chance.