David Shillinglaw street art, Krakow

A Tour of Krakow’s Street Art

On my last day in Krakow, I awoke to torrential rain. The weather forecast had been predicting it all week, but it was still disappointing to open my curtains and see the water bouncing off the pavements, streaming down the gutters in mini rivers. I pulled on my very un-waterproof shoes, grabbed my umbrella and headed out towards Kazimierz, accepting that I would be flying home feeling very soggy.

I could have headed for cover – spent the day in a museum or watched the world go by from a cafe. But today was the day of the street art tour I had been looking forward to since I arrived in Krakow, and I wasn’t about to miss it because of a little rain. It’s always seemed odd to me how rarely street art is mentioned in guidebooks – while cathedrals and galleries take pride of place in city break itineraries, this living expression of a city’s culture and identity is always strangely absent. Maybe its transient nature makes it hard to record in books, but it makes it hard to track down and understand without a guide.

Luckily Krakow has a fantastic street art tour run by freewalkingtour.com, which meets by the old Synagogue and takes you on a 2-hour walk around Kazimierz and Podg├│rze. Our guide Alicija was so informative, and handed out a great Krakow guide that was packed with tips I wish I’d had when I arrived. Here are some of my favourite art pieces from the walk, and the stories behind them. Continue reading

The Essential Krakow City Break Guide

When I was searching for a city break earlier this year Krakow never even crossed my mind until several friends recommended it to me, but it ticked all my boxes and I fell completely in love. It was cheap, safe, compact enough to walk everywhere, and packed with beautiful sights and cool little cafes that made it a perfect weekend break for me.

I love planning my holidays almost as much as I enjoy doing them, so while I did leave my research a little late, by the time I arrived in Krakow I had several big lists of things to do, see and eat while I was there. This is my ultimate guide to experiencing the best this city has to offer. Continue reading