Leeds Diary Dates: May 2017

After a busy and, to be honest, pretty rough time in April, I am so ready to say hello to a new month. There was so much going on in Leeds but due to spending the middle two weeks on holiday in Cuba, all the excitement of Leeds International Festival and the Digital Festival pretty much passed me by. Not that I’m complaining – two weeks offline in Cuba was just what I needed and I came back just in time to go to my first Live at Leeds with my best friend by my side.

May will see me heading to Tenerife for a 3-night hen party (and I assume far more drinking than I’m now used to), and spending the rest of the month doing post-holiday catch up with friends and checking out some Leeds Indie Food events. Let’s see what’s on the agenda in May…

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Leeds Diary Dates: May 2016

I can’t believe we’re talking about May already – April’s been a pretty good month and it’s flown by! I’ve spent a weekend at Traverse travel conference in Cardiff, helped host a blogger event for my company, enjoyed plenty of lovely drinks at Cocktails in the City, and booked my first solo holiday which is making me both excited and nervous at the same time. May is set to fly by just as fast – not only is there Leeds Indie Food to fill a whole 2 weeks of my life, I’m also trying out a free cruise near the end of the month which, while not the holiday I’d choose, should be an awesome weekend. Let’s take a look at all the other fun you could be having in Leeds this May… Continue reading

May in Pictures

Another month down – I can’t believe how fast 2015 is disappearing! I just looked back at my last monthly round up and was struck by the similarities; again I’m watching the rain pour down outside my window after a few lovely days of sunshine and wondering when the weather will get the memo that it’s now June and therefore officially summer.

May has been an exciting month – between my trip to the awesome TBEX conference in Costa Brava, Leeds Indie Food 2015 and a busy work schedule I’ve barely had time to stop! I’ve helped launch my company’s first ever blogger outreach campaign, booked a trip to Dublin that is now less than a fortnight away, and I’m deeply immersed in We Need To Talk About Kevin, which I’ve finally got around to reading. I also think I might be starting to like beer, an intriguing development.

And that’s been May! June is set to be pretty awesome; Leeds Food and Drink Festival is coming to a close this weekend in Millenium Square, as already mentioned I’m escaping the country for a long weekend to visit some friends in Dublin, plus my little brother is returning from his four-month trip through South East Asia and New Zealand next week and I’m more than a little excited to see him! But before we get onto that, let’s recap a pretty marvellous May…

Edible Art ShowAway From The Flock at Edible Art ShowTutti Frutti at The GalleryBundobust Leeds curryTBEX opening partyTBEX tomato bread tutorialMe at TBEX boat partyLaynes Espresso coffeeBeer and ice cream pop up partyPatty Smith's burgerClaw Hide Surf n TurfLeeds Feast

‘Til next time! How did May treat you?