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How to Move House Every Year Without Losing Your Mind

As I recently discussed in a post about the frustrations of flat hunting, I move house a lot. Since leaving my childhood home at 18 to go to university I’ve had 9 addresses in 7 years – changes I made largely by choice, but that doesn’t make the process any less tedious and stressful. It does, however, turn you into something of a pro when it comes to packing up your life and quickly fitting it into a new place. Whether you’re moving out of uni halls, breaking up with a boyfriend who owns the house you share or being bribed by your landlord to live in a temporary property for one month (and yes, all three of those things that have happened to me), these tips should help you complete your move and settle in fast with the minimum amount of hassle. Continue reading

The Restlessness of Moving House

My current flat contract is fast approaching its end, and so I am in my personal hell. Ok, that might be overdoing it a bit, but moving house is something I find incredibly stressful. Not the actual act of moving – as a serial renter I own almost no furniture and am well practised at packing my entire life into boxes and relocating them in just one day and two cars – but the preparation, the flat hunting and the intricacies of committing to a new home. Especially when I’m planning on leaving my Headingley haven and moving to Leeds city centre, where the housing market seems to move at the speed of light. ‘Here today, gone in an hour’ is the phrase that springs to mind. Continue reading