Leeds Diary Dates: September 2016

If September is here, does that mean summer is over and we’re into autumn? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling vaguely terrified at how fast this year seems to be zooming by – the weeks seem to be eating themselves up but I guess that means I’m busy and happy which are always good things! I wrote a post recently about how content I’m feeling with my life in Leeds, and I think it’s the constant happenings in this city that make the months roll by. So let’s see what’s on this month…

3rd-4th: Leeds Den Building Festival

Anyone feel like reliving their childhood for a day? This is the third year that The Tetley has held its den building festival, and though it’s probably aimed at kids there’s no rule that says adults can’t get involved too! This is a great chance for you and some mates to stretch your creative muscles and remember just how much fun you can have with a few boxes, some tape and a pack of pens. At just £2.50 a person or £7.50 for a group of four with all materials provided, so this could be the cheapest fun you have all month. And if you build the best den, you could even get a £50 prize out of it!

8th-11th: Leeds International Beer Festival

This month beer lovers can look forward to a 4-day festival of craft beer, street food and live music. The line-up includes Leeds familiars like North Brewing Co, Brewdog, Northern Monk and Kirkstall Brewery alongside other UK and international brewers, and Leeds legends Bundobust, Friends of Ham and Boss Burgers are supplying the food. The cellar is hosting beer and food pairings, and there’s also a silent disco on the cards. A full festival pass is £60, or you can buy tickets to individual sessions from £6-8.50.

22nd: Leeds Soup

Leeds Soup is an absolutely fantastic idea, and I’m excited to go to my first event and see what it’s all about. The idea is that everyone pays £10 for a ticket to create a pot of money, four groups of people pitch their idea for a project or business idea they want to start, and then the attendees vote on which group should get the pot of money. The only rule is that the idea has to benefit the local Leeds community in some way, which is a great way to give local entrepreneurs and creatives the means to thrive and put their talent back into Leeds, rather than feeling forced to move to London.

29th: Ocean Film Festival World Tour

Earlier this year I went to the Adventure Film Festival tour that came to Leeds and left feeling so exhilarated and motivated, so I can’t wait to see what ocean adventures await in this one. According to the itinerary we’ve got kayakers in Alaska, a Gold Coast surfer tackling one of the world’s most dangerous waves, a humpback whale short documentary and a pair of divers who spend their lives capturing marine life footage for IMAX films.

What are you up to in September? Let me know!

Hake at Iberica Leeds

An Evening at Iberica Leeds

Last Wednesday I was invited by Emma to be her plus one for an event at Iberica, a fairly new tapas restaurant on East Parade that’s drawn a lot of attention on social media for having the most beautiful bathrooms in Leeds. While I’d heard a lot of praise about the toilets, initial reviews I’d read of the food were not that enthusiastic, but a few weeks ago my Spanish housemate mentioned that she’d been with her parents and thought the dishes were excellent. I figured she ought to know, so I was thrilled to be able to try it out myself. Continue reading


Same Same, But Different

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ll know there’s a phrase that you see everywhere. Same same, but different. One of its most common uses is to refer to fake designer goods, but is also used more generally to mean something that’s largely the same, but with some small differences. Right now that’s kid of how my life feels. Same same, but different.

On the surface, not that much has changed in my life since I got back from my gap year travelling in August 2013. I’m still living in Leeds, close to my family, working for the same company who gave me my first proper job and hanging out with my Leeds-based friends who I’ve known since high school. But if you look a little closer, there are so many differences which reassure me I haven’t wasted the last three years (unless I have. Have I wasted the last three years? Oh god, what am I doing with my life?) Shush brain! Moving swiftly on… Continue reading

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Places I Can’t Wait to Revisit

As a rule I don’t like to go back to the same places when I travel – my reasoning is that there are so many amazing things to see and do in the world, revisiting places I’ve already been to is a waste of my limited money and annual leave. But sometimes I go to a place and know that I’ll have to come back one day, whether it’s to see different parts of a country, have an experience I missed the first time around, or just to dip back into a culture that I loved so much. So today I want to talk about all the places I know I’ll go back to someday, and am already excited to revisit. Continue reading

Why Ghostbusters Is The Film All Little Girls Need To See

On Saturday night, I went to the cinema for the first time in god-knows-how-long, handing over the extortionate amount of cash Vue now charges and settling down with a knot in the pit of my stomach and one thought running through my mind.

“Please be good.”

Why? Because I was here to see the new Ghostbusters, which was subjected to huge amounts of criticism, outrage and downright vitriol online after it was announced that the cast would be played by *gasp* women. Legions of whiny men took to the internet to claim that their childhoods would be ruined, apparently sparing no thought for all the girls and women who have grown up accustomed to their gender being sidelined in film since the dawn of Hollywood. I was lucky enough to have a fairly gender-neutral upbringing, but I’ve still put up with years of seeing my gender reflected back at me as one-dimensional, hyper-sexualised secondary characters. I wanted Ghostbusters to be the anti-thesis of all these lazy character profiles, but I also really wanted it to simply be a good film. Continue reading

Leeds Diary Dates: August 2016

Just like June, this month has shot by. I’m not sure why as it’s been a fairly quiet one – after going on holiday, moving house and taking on a more expensive rent that my previous one I was trying to have a no-spend month. I did fairly well; I’ve still been going out for the odd drink and meal here and there, and I bought Emma Gannon’s book Ctrl Alt Delete which gave me all the life motivation, but I’m hoping to be able to give my savings account a good boost with the cash I’ve saved this month.

I’m hoping to continue my thrifty ways for as long as possible in August, but I think the days are numbered as I’m attending a friend’s wedding in Ireland near the end of the month, which I’m pairing with a week-long road trip around some of the country’s best sights. I’m also in desperate need of a trip to the hairdressers, and am getting distracted by some of the lovely events that are planned in Leeds this month… Continue reading

Moving house stress-free - hang pictures

How to Move House Every Year Without Losing Your Mind

As I recently discussed in a post about the frustrations of flat hunting, I move house a lot. Since leaving my childhood home at 18 to go to university I’ve had 9 addresses in 7 years – changes I made largely by choice, but that doesn’t make the process any less tedious and stressful. It does, however, turn you into something of a pro when it comes to packing up your life and quickly fitting it into a new place. Whether you’re moving out of uni halls, breaking up with a boyfriend who owns the house you share or being bribed by your landlord to live in a temporary property for one month (and yes, all three of those things that have happened to me), these tips should help you complete your move and settle in fast with the minimum amount of hassle. Continue reading