Leeds Diary Dates: August

Just like June, this month has shot by. I’m not sure why as it’s been a fairly quiet one – after going on holiday, moving house and taking on a more expensive rent that my previous one I was trying to have a no-spend month. I did fairly well; I’ve still been going out for the odd drink and meal here and there, and I bought Emma Gannon’s book Ctrl Alt Delete which gave me all the life motivation, but I’m hoping to be able to give my savings account a good boost with the cash I’ve saved this month.

I’m hoping to continue my thrifty ways for as long as possible in August, but I think the days are numbered as I’m attending a friend’s wedding in Ireland near the end of the month, which I’m pairing with a week-long road trip around some of the country’s best sights. I’m also in desperate need of a trip to the hairdressers, and am getting distracted by some of the lovely events that are planned in Leeds this month…

3rd: ‘Meet The Brewer’ Northern Monk Supper Club

This is the super club to be at this month – Ambiente, one of my favourite tapas bars, pairing with local brewery and bar Northern Monk for a 3-course pairing of tapas and beer. I already love Ambiente’s inventive tapas dishes and am stubbornly persisting in my efforts to start enjoying beer, so this event sounds like it’s right up my street. It’s also only £30 for 3 courses, which is definitely at the cheap end of the supper club scale.

6th-7th: Leeds Pride

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Leeds Pride! There’s a whole programme of events lined up across two stages at Millennium Square and Lower Briggate, plus stalls, speakers and of course the Parade, which starts in Millennium Square and progresses around the edge of city centre before finishing at the Main Stage on Lower Briggate. The organisers want to preserve the inclusive, community spirit the celebration represents, which is why the whole day is completely free.

13th-4th September: Leeds Beach

For one month every year, the landlocked people of Leeds get to spend a bit of time at the seaside with Leeds Beach. Largely aimed at families, the Beach has tons of rides, trampolines and water slides. Having said that there’s also food stalls, so even if you don;t have kids you can always drop by for lunch and an ice cream.

19th-21st: North Leeds Food Festival

I do love a good food festival, and this one is going to be set in the lovely grounds of Roundhay Park! A huge line-up of street food vendors is promised, as well as live music, independent drink sellers and performances designed to show off all the talent in the North. The website promises that almost all the money made at the festival will go towards supporting local businesses, and the Festival is also supporting Leeds Minds, a local mental health charity.

26th-28th: Leeds Festival

I’m going to be honest, Leeds Fest does not look like my idea of fun, but it’s such a big event I could hardly leave it off the list. Despite the line-ups getting progressively worse since I was a teenager this Bramham Park party remains one of the UK festival staples, and this year there are at least some big names on the line-up even if they’re not your cup of tea; Biffy Clyro, Foals and Red Hot Chili Peppers are headlining the main stage. Of course, the Spotted Leeds Fest Twitter account is always the best (or worst?) thing about the Festival – all the worst of humanity can be found on its timeline.

29th: Leeds West Indian Carnival

I got a sneak peek of this year’s West Indian Carnival when they performed at Big Disco earlier this month, and it’s set to be another party to remember. Head to Chapeltown to see the bright colours, amazing costumes and infectious music of one of Europe’s biggest Caribbean carnivals, and Leeds’ best parties. The West Indian Carnival is a perfect example of the cultural diversity that I love so much about this city!

What have you got planned in August? Let me know – maybe I’ll see you there!

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Leeds Diary Dates: July 2016

June has been a good month. It’s whizzed by in a flash, but that’s how time always goes when you’re having fun isn’t it? It started with gorgeous sunshine and me finding my new flat, in the middle I took a week-long trip to Slovenia and Venice, and it’s finished with me moving into aforementioned flat and enjoying a beautiful meal at Ox Club for my boyfriend’s very belated birthday treat. I’ve said goodbye to a home I felt settled in and flatmates that I’ve lived with for over a year to move from a 5-bed in Headingley to a more adulty 2-bed in city centre, so there’s a definite sense of this being the end of an era, but sometimes change is exactly what you need to give life a little shake up.

Of course this kind of fun comes at a price, so I’ll be counting the pennies in July to make up for an extravagant June. Hopefully I can still have fun on a budget in Leeds this month – let’s see shall we? Continue reading